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Being a Rotarian: What’s Repetition and LOVE Got to Do with It

Most of us eat every day. We usually sleep every day. We brush our teeth every day. If we are in a relationship, we express LOVE every day. Repetition is valuable and healthy for us in many ways.

Acrostically speaking (YES! Another acrostic!), LOVE is repetitious: Listening: listening is indeed a regular, routine, repetitious requirement of love. Rotary is indeed ‘repetitious love.’

I recently came across a fine, up standing former Rotarian who “suddenly” disappeared from our routine (repetitious) weekly Rotary Club of Marietta gatherings. “Where have you been?” says I. “The routine was just too much. I really got bored with the repetition of the weekly meetings”, says he. “Well”, says me, “I am so sorry to hear that. But isn’t there value in repetition and regularity.” We both chuckled (because ‘regularity’ (HA) is NOT a laughing matter, really). He then diatribes about how he really has issues with boredom, consistency, and other aspects of our Club and commitment. “Well then, I am glad you stepped away from Rotary because Rotary is all about being consistent and repetitious.” “What?” he says, “then you’re saying you’re glad I’m gone.” “Yep, I am.” “Why?” “Because”, says me, “I LOVE Rotary, and Rotary is about repetitious love.” And, obviously you do not have what it takes to love Rotary.” He then says, ‘So, you are really glad I’m gone!” “Yes, because I love people who LOVE Rotary.” “We Rotarians Listen and hear the appeals of so many people in our local communities who need us to hear their cries for help, for healing, for hope…”; “we strategically are organized civically to give anyone who really needs help…a hand-up.” “Rotary is about being present; being available.” The conversation then turned into a (my) spontaneous pontification about LOVE. “2020 is the year for Rotary Love”. “Connecting in love.”

LOVE is not only Listening but it’s about being Obedient; disciplined. Love is being regular, repetitiously present and available. Following through. Love is Validating the truth. Validating fairness. Validating goodwill. Validating mutual friendships. Validating what is beneficial.” And, YES”, says I, “ EXPRESSING ourselves in such a way that we ‘connect’ to each other in our Clubs, in our District, in our Zones, in our Nation, and in our World with repetitious ‘Service Above Self’ that changes lives.” “WOW”, says he. “You really do love Rotary.” “Yes, yes I do.” So, simply put, repetition is valuable and healthy individually, relationally, corporately, civically… intentionally.

“I LOVE Rotary.” “I LOVE people who LOVE Rotary.” Now repeat after me… “I LOVE Rotary.” “I LOVE People who LOVE Rotary.” Listen be Obedient Validate Express. LOVE Rotary. Love being a Rotarian! AMEN.

Posted by Mark Barbour
February 5, 2020


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