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GREETINGS FROM Newt Aaron, our 2018-19 president

Our Rotary theme for 2018 - 2019 is “Be The Inspiration.” As I reflect on our history and traditions, I am inspired in so many ways. First, I am inspired by Mary Reed. Mary started serving our Club 34 years ago, assisting her Rotarian spouse, Dan Reed, who had mentioned to her that as our Club staff person, he didn’t enjoy, and didn’t want to write checks to pay Rotary bills, and keep up with the myriad of other administrative tasks needed for our club to function. She continued to serve as an employee of the Club after Dan’s passing in 1999, and will continue to serve as a Rotary office volunteer after her retirement in June 2018. She is an inspiration to our Club and to every club in the District.

Also, I see it in the list of 90 Rotarians with 25 to over 50 years of faithful Service, and the large numbers of Paul Harris and Will Watt Fellows, Sustainers, and major donors of all types to The Rotary Foundation and the GRSP Foundation. I see it at every Club Board meeting, in the engagement and enthusiasm each of our Board and Board Committee members bring to the planning and execution of our Club Service activities.

And, I am inspired at each Rotary meeting, as well as during our Rotary Mixes and at our Community Service projects, to see each of your smiling and friendly faces and willing hands and hearts, joining in Rotary and just plain human Fellowship and Service Above Self. Whether you're a leader in the Columbus area looking to get actively involved in community and international service or a visiting Rotarian, Rotaractor, or Interactor looking to join us for a meeting or club activity, just contact us so that we can find a way to get you involved as we strive to Be The Inspiration in every thought, word and deed of every day. #betheinspiration #rotaryclub200

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Since 1985, Rotary has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the effort to rid the world of the polio virus. We are this close.

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#4119 chartered February 1, 1916.
Sponsored by Rotary International.
Active Membership: 297

Wednesdays, 12:00 pm
Convention & Trade Center

801 Front Street
Columbus, GA 31901

Contact Info
P.O. Box 1138
Columbus, GA 31902

Leadership Team


Newt Aaron, III
Tyler Townsend
Charlie Johnson
Phyllis Aaron
Membership Chair
Cameron Bean
Foundation Chair
Greg Camp

Club Directors

President Nominee
Joe Young

Club Staff

Executive Secretary/Director
Julie Bond

Rotary District 6900

District Governor
Court Dowis
Assistant Governor
Tracy Van Norman
GRSP Trustee
Ken Townsend
District Governor Elect
Jim Squire
District Governor Nominee
Kirk Driskell
District Governor Nominee Designate
Mary Ligon
District Secretary
Carol Lipphardt
District Treasurer
James Marosek
District Foundation Chair
Margie Kersey
District Membership Chair
Robert Hall

Rotary International

Rotary President
Barry Rassin
General Secretary
John Hewko